2013 Kirn Park Renovation Chronicle

Photos by Kyle Muschall

Preparing the field for renovation


Demolition of the Old Storage Building


Interior of the Old Storage Building as it is being torn down


Kirn Field prior to re-grading


Closing off the park for construction


Run-off barriers for the dirt work


All the old parking area has been removed


Grading for the new driveway


Grading for the new parking area


Kirn Field graded and seeded


Footings dug on the North Entrance for new Kirn Park Art sign


Irrigation Control


New parking area


New Balustrades


Area for Restroom enclosure is roughed in


New Cinder bedding for track and curb repairs for proper drainage


Curb repaired at 5th Avenue entrance


New Driveway leading to parking area


New Fencing to separate track from driveway


Parking stalls painted and restroom enclosure installed


New Kirn Field filling in with grass


Restroom Enclosure waiting for porta-potties


Forms for Kirn Park Art sign installed


New Goal Posts for Kirn Field


Concrete poured for Kirn Park Art sign on High School Avenue (North entrance)


Concrete poured for Kirn Park Art sign on 5th Avenue (South entrance)