Neighborhood Watch Alerts October

The Carruthers’s, 331 Park Avenue, car was broke into Thursday night for a fourth time since moving in a year ago. They got a check book and a lot of children’s things. Also the outside door was propped open so they attempted to gain entry into the house but fortunately did not.

There was an incident at 439 Glen Avenue where the one of the doors to the carriage house was bashed in with a brick and graffiti painted on the other door. There have also been a series of people getting their house egged. The Garrigan’s at 433 Glen have been the most recent incident.

Additionally, a person representing himself as a magazine subscription salesman was working his way up Glen Ave. He said that the sales would benefit organizations in the area such as Boys Town. Although this man was very well spoken, he was also very aggressive and attempted to talk people into spending large sums of money on these subscriptions, in one case as much as $450. Channel 5 in Omaha did a story about this group, but said these salesmen were blanketing the Omaha Metro area. Apparently, they are also in Council Bluffs. The company they represent has an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau. The Omaha Police Department recommended that people call the police if they are approached by any of these salesmen. This is good advice however we urge you to call and register a complaint to the City Clerk at 712-328-4616. The clerk will contact the person who took out the sellers permit.

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