2017 Fairmount Park Look Out Point Clean Up

Photos by Kyle Muschall

From Left: Michelle Mutchler-Burns, John Duitsman and Evelyn Duitsman start the clean up for 2017


From Left: Greg Myers and John Huggins survey their attack on the garbage


Amy Dixon starts to fill up her bag with all the cigarette butts lying around


From Left: Dave Huggins snags a quick donut before getting started; Nolan Duitsman gets his work gloves; Lorraine Duitsman and Marie Huggins getting motivated to delve into the woods to start collecting trash


Cindy Muschall takes a pass by the parked cars before heading down into the ravine


John H. and Amy start to pile up the trash bags. In the background From Left: Brian Burns, Michelle, Evelyn and John D.


Michelle helps Evelyn over the timber barriers to get at some trash


The bags start to pile up. From Left: Sharon Babbitt, Dave H, Lorraine, Cindy, Marie and Karl Allen


Brian and Michelle pause for some juice


Lorraine joins Brian and Michelle for some water


Brian, Michelle and Greg getting caught up on the Neighborhood


Brian taking one last pass at the edge of Look Out Point


Amy and Lorraine calling it a job well done


From Left: Rob Hoag, Sharon and Marie tying up the bags so the City of Council Bluffs can pick them up on Monday. In the Background from left: Nolan, Cindy and Dave


A total of 14 contractor bags of debris left this beautiful corner of Fairmount Park in sparkling condition. Thank you, FPNA volunteers. From Left: Lorraine Duitsman, Rob Hoag, Michelle Mutchler-Burns, John Huggins (Trying to hide), Brian Burns, Karl Allen, Sharon Babbitt, Greg Myers, Cindy Muschall, Amy Dixon, Marie Huggins, Dave Huggins. Front Row: Evelyn Duitsman, Nolan Duitsman, John Duitsman