2017 Fairmount Park Pollination Garden

Photos by Kyle Muschall

The site on Park Avenue for our Pollination Garden. John Huggins’s Lot after he’s installed a new retaining wall


John Huggins unloading the tiller


From Left: Cindy Muschall and Sharon Babbitt looking at the work ahead


John raking out the soil amendments (Fertilizer)


John H. and Greg Myers raking out the ferterlizer


Cindy working the top tier to get the fertilizer smoothed out


Sharon raising her rake in defiance of the work ahead


Michelle Mutchler-Burns filling up a 3 gallon bucket with debris before the tiller comes through


Sharon with her pitchfork prying bricks out of the ground before the tiller chews up the ground


John starting the first of many passes with the tiller


John completing the first lap with the tiller toward the front of the lot just passed our Fairmount Park banner pole


John starting tilling on the top tier as Greg continues to clear bricks and debris from the tiller path


Greg gets a turn at the back breaking and bone jarring tiller to give John a break


Michelle preparing the seed for dispersal. Everything had to be mixed in porportions


John and Greg loading the tiller to take back to the rental shop


The pile of bricks, rocks, pipes and detritus our small band of volunteers managed to extricate from the lot


Michelle sowing the seeds on the both tiers


Cindy watering the top tier to encourage growth


Cindy and Sharon finishing the watering and hoping for a good bloom


This project was funded by your Fairmount Park Neighborhood donations and a grant from the Omaha Men’s Garden Club. They provided a striking laser cut metal sign to commemorate the project kick off