2018 Fairmount Park Block Party

Photos by Kyle Muschall

From Left: Terri Dowell, Greg Myers and Ted Duitsman (In Sunglasses) start to layout the tables and food for the block party


Toni Allen (Far left) begins to warm up with her Folk Music Trio


The Council Bluffs Fire Department pulling up one of their engines as part of their community outreach and National Neighbors Night Out


From Left: Jonathan Hansen and Evelyn Duitsman checking out the Fire truck and asking questions from our CBFD firemen


Jonathan checking out the swag the CBFD was giving away to kids to promote fire safety


Shari Hansen (at left) getting interviewed by KMTV news channel 3 about the block party and about the 712 Initiative party trailer (in background). The trailer made the event with tables, chairs, barricades and games for the kids


From Left: Terri, Anita Stocks and Lorraine Duitsman watch as Shari is getting interviewed off camera


Greg welcoming new neighbors to the event in the shade of the firetruck


Terri introduces her brother from out of town to Sharon Babbitt as everyone catches up on news


Marilyn Abbott drops off her food and much needed garbage bags for the event as Shari finishes the food table set up


Greg isn’t shy about kicking off the potluck and getting the food line started


From Left: Ian Huggins, Harold Beck and Dave Huggins get some drinks and chat before going thru the food line


Ted and Lorraine chatting with new neighbors


The Folk Music Trio entertaining the guests with original music and covers of Beatles, John Fogerty, Steely Dan and much more


From Left: Harold, Dave, New neighbors Morgan and Jennifer Hanson and Nolan Duitsman make their way thru the delicious pot luck


From Left: John Huggins, Greg, Vicki Myers, Harold, Anita and Shari (back to camera) settle down to some good fried chicken and sides


Getting something good to eat. From Left: AJ, Melissa, Andre, Lilly, Jameson, Miles and Hayleigh Vandervelde


Unlike having to wait a half hour to go swimming a water ballon fight broke out immediately after dinner. From Left: Jonathan, Miles, AJ, John and Nolan


Sides are quickly drawn and the H2O bombs are exchanged. From Left: John, AJ and Nolan


Miles tries to catch a balloon while Evelyn returns fire


Lilly and Jameson start a game of catch with their parents


Melissa goes for the ball while Andre runs interference


Nolan, John and Jonathan check the rules of the “Corn Hole” game with Melissa and start a match up with the Council Bluffs Police and Fire Departments


Both officers keeping score of the game


A close match but the CBPD and CBFD seem to be sinking more than the kids


The boys bring in a ringer, Evelyn, to put some points on the board and another CBPD officer arrives to cheer her on


A quick victory dance and it’s on to the next actvities


As the sun crawls farther behind the trees everyone relaxes for some good conversation. We had a great turn out this year and want to thank the 712 Initiative for the party trailer and the Council Bluffs Police and Fire Departments for joining in on the food and fun. It was an excellent block party