2018 Fairmount Park Look Out Point Clean Up

Photos by Kyle Muschall

Greg Myers and Sharon Babbitt ready to start the 2018 clean up


The bigger group is starting to organize and get their gear ready


Marie and Dave Huggins have their thick gloves ready to get at the garbage


New Fairmount Park residents Elizabeth and Ryan Pozzi are ready and eager to lend a hand


From Left: Sharon, Marylin Abbott and Dave Huggins decide on their next move


Shari Hansen getting close to the ground to get that pesky piece of debris


From Left: John Huggins, Lorraine Duitsman and Michelle Mutchler-Burns start to pile up the trash bags


The Duitsman kid trio from left: Nolan, John, and Evelyn. Doing their part to make the park clean


Greg hauling up the last of the bags from the ravine


Toni Allen and Sharon catch up as Greg adds to the pile


Shari going for that last piece to fill her bag


From Left: Dave Huggins, Marie Huggins, John Huggins, Toni Allen, Greg Myers, Sharon Babbitt, Shari Hansen, Michelle Mutchler-Burns, Marylin Abbott, Elizabeth Pozzi, Ryan Pozzi, Cindy Muschall. The 2018 Look Out Point Clean up crew. Thanks to everyone for making it a great event