2018 Fairmount Park Pollination Garden Mulching

Photos by Kyle Muschall

Michelle Mutchler-Burns walking the wall perimeter to inspect how the wild flowers came back from last year


Marylin Abbott offers donuts to the Serve Fest Volunteers who so graciously assisted us with our fall mulching


Michelle and one of the Serve Fest volunteers try to identify plants versus weeds before we start mulching


Dave Huggins showing up with a truck load of mulch


Dave laying out the landscaping fabric around the Fairmount Park Banner pole


Ted Duitsman and a Serve Fest Volunteer heft the bags of mulch from the truck to start handing out to folks


From Left: Michelle, Toni Allen, Serve Fest Volunteer and Sharon Babbitt break open the bags and start to spread the mulch


A Serve Fest volunteer is fed bags by Ted as the mulch bed starts to take shape


More raking and evening out the bed by the dedicated Serve Fest volunteers


The mulch bed is coming together by our gang of volunteers


Some final edge work is taken care of by a Serve Fest volunteer


Sharon gathering the empty bags for proper disposal


The 2018 Pollination Garden Mulching Saturday Morning Crew. Thanks to all the neighbors and Serve Fest volunteers who helped us in the next step to establishing a pollination garden in our neighborhood.