2019 Fairmount Park Block Party

Photos by Kyle Muschall

Setting up the beverage stand (from left) John Duitsman, Evelyn Duitsman and Addison Hildreth


Michelle Mutchler-Burns (at right in yellow) sets out the pot luck as folks start to dive into the feast


From left: Michelle, Sharon Babbitt and Wayne Anderson take their pass at the potluck and get some of that good chicken


From Left : Talia Washburn gets the desserts opened as Evelyn and Addison wait anxiously


Everyone enjoying the nice weather and shade the day provided


The Fire Department arrives to share in the festivities


From Left: Jon Garrigan, Talia and Maureen Garrigan catch up


Our musical entertainment for the night, Toni Allen and Kyle Knapp, give a rousing cover of Jimmi Hendrix “All along the watch tower” as Addison and Evelyn look on


Newlyweds and New Parents Lovely and Ian Huggins introduce their son Finn


Some of the FPNA board discussing recent events. From Left: Talia, Ryan Pozzi, Michele and Bryan Burns


Lorraine Duitsman and son John try their hand at disc golf. A great thank you to the 712 Initiative for the use of their Event trailer that was packed with tables, chairs, trash cans and a load of games and activities


From Right : Richard Caughlan and Vicky Myers chat with a C.B. fireman but something in the sky has caught Vicky’s eye


Maureen, Jon, Lorraine and Wayne also see some activity in the air


One of the C.B. Fireman has ascended the ladder on the fire engine and raised it above our FPNA Banner pole


From Left: Ben Washburn and Jon mug for the camera


Evelyn and Addison share a moment with another of our heroic C.B. Firemen


John (at right) and James O’brian find the nerf guns from the event trailer and launch into a running firefight


Sharon (at left) and Harold Beck deep in conversation


Richard continues his high spirited chat with our C.B. Fire department


As the Block Party winds down Lorraine brings out their pet turtle Maisey to share with Addison. Thanks to everyone who brought food and fun to this year’s FPNA block party