2019 Fairmount Park Fern Planting

Photos by Kyle Muschall

Michelle Mutchler-Burns Making sure that all our fabulous volunteers are taken care of by loading up the truck with water, donuts, gloves and tools.


Nolan Duitsman gets his shovel under a fern root knot while Sharon Babbitt, the gracious home owner who donated the ferns, cheers him on


From Left: Toni Allen, Cindy Muschall and Nolan make quick work of digging out the ferns and filling the boxes


Toni has another group of ferns ready for the journey to a new home


Cindy Muschall, Nolan and Savannah Sohn start to unload the truck. Seventy plus ferns were dug up from Sharon’s home, and the home of Kyle and CIndy Muschall. They were loaded into the back of a truck and driven to Lucille Dunlavy’s home on upper Park Avenue for planting


Sharon shares a sample of the ferns with Lucille Dunlavy. Lucille relies on her sense of touch as she has been blind since early childhood.


Savannah and Nolan use trowels to dig holes for the ferns at the top of Lucille’s embankment. The intent is as they take root they will help prevent wash out when the heavy rains come


Cindy breaks up the root ball soil before transplanting


Brian Burns on the scene doing a quality check of the donuts


Matthew Burns and Savannah work the left bank adding a row of ferns above the lillies


Brian getting the middle rows finished up before moving to the bottom of the hill


Matthew and Talia Washburn place some ferns close to the stairs. The more ferns the better


Group Photo No. 1 from Top Left: Nolan Duitsman, Talia Washburn, Michelle Mutchler-Burns, Brian Burns, Cindy Muschall, Toni Allen, Matthew Burns, Savannah Sohn and Sharon Babbitt


Toni gets some much needed water onto the ferns


Lucille Dunlavy sits on her porch listening to the buzz of activity and catches up with her neighbors. Lucille has been living in her home on Upper Park since 1943


Group Photo No. 2 from Top Left: Matthew Burns, Savannah Sohn, Sharon Babbitt, Talia Washburn, Lucille Dunlavy, Michelle Mutchler-Burns, Cindy Muschall, Brian Burns and Toni Allen. Thanks to everyone for helping make our neighborhood a great place to live