FPNA Habitat For Humanity Sack Lunches

The Habitat for Humanity sack lunches went very well and very quickly. Several of us met Saturday morning on the 23 of March to prepare and put the twenty lunches together. Linda Ring (504 Glen) decorated each sack with an FPNA thank-you sticker and tied each sack shut with twine, which was a very nice touch. In each sack we included hoagies with lots of toppings, potato salad, cookies, brownies, lollipops, chips and fruit. Water was also furnished. I want to take a moment to thank the Sack Lunch Crew: Amy Dixon, Mary Lou McGinn, Sharon Babbitt, Linda Ring, Michelle Mutchler-Burns and Carol Mattox. They dedicated their time, talent and baking skills to see this volunteer effort thru.

I want to personally thank Karen Holmes (508 Glen) who donated the sack lunches, napkins, baggies and plastic cutlery and Will Reger (315 Park Avenue) who made a very generous $100.00 donation that enabled us to purchase the majority of the food items for the sack lunches.

We delivered the lunches to the site, which is an older dwelling on 4th Ave, undergoing a complete overhaul. Most of the volunteers were UNO students with HFH team leads to direct their energy. We received a very sincere “thank you” and appreciation for the sack lunches from the HFH crew. They loved the extra touches of the decorated sack lunches, lollipops and Mary Lou’s house-shaped-cookies.

Altogether, it was a fine example of the generosity of our neighborhood and a small way to thank the Habitat for Humanity organization for the work they do to strengthen our community.

Please CLICK HERE to view the photo gallery of the event.

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