Preserve Council Bluffs – Volunteers for “Work Day” at Bregant House and Restore Omaha

Preserve Council Bluffs is planning a “work day” at the Bregant House on October 5 and they are inviting the neighborhood associations to help. They want to work on some of the general maintenance; wash down the exterior, wash windows (inside and out) possibly strip wallpapers and prep for the re-creation of the original kitchen. They will need to relocate the stove and the refrigerator, take out the remaining cabinets, etc. It’s still in the planning phase but they are thinking 9:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. Mark their calendars and we will update you as the details are set.

Restore Omaha’s tour is going to be October 6. It will feature buildings from South 13th-24th St., Martha to Deer Park Blvd in Omaha. St. Patrick’s Church (closing at the end of the year), Chops Bowling, several commercial businesses on Vinton and a couple of homes in the area. Volunteers are always needed.

For additional information please contact Michelle Mutchler-Burns at

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