Downtown C.B. Mayor Debate

MSCB and the Downtown 100 Block will be sponsoring an upcoming Council Bluffs Mayoral Debate between Candidates Matt Walsh and Brent Siegrist.

The Mayor Debate has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 17th, at 5:30pm at Barleys on West Broadway. The debate will be moderated.

The reason why you are receiving this e-mail is because the debate will focus on Downtown Council Bluffs, and the neighborhoods immediately around Downtown Council Bluffs.

If you are interested in submitting questions, please contact Joshua Barbee at The moderator will review and select the questions to ask the candidates. The questions must be in regards to Downtown Council Bluffs (and the neighborhoods immediately around Downtown).

Please forward this e-mail out to anyone who may be interested in attending the debate. MSCB also want to recognize and give a special thanks to Matt Walsh and Brent Siegrist for agreeing to participate in the debate.

MSCB is very excited about this debate, and they hope everyone join them at Barleys on Tuesday, September 17th.

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