Neighborhood Watch – Crime Thwarted

A crime or possible crime was thwarted in the early morning hours of August 10th in the alley behind upper Glen. About 4:40 a.m. Cindy Muschall (332 Glen Avenue) heard a metal grating noise like something was being dragged down the alley. She investigated by stepping out onto our 2nd floor balcony and saw a vehicle, A red Ford Ranger with Nebraska plates and a trailer attached parked in the alley behind 406 Glen Avenue. After a few minutes she stepped back inside, that is when she saw a man run from behind the garage at 334 Glen Avenue. The man ran off up the Alley toward 5th Avenue,
She immediately called the police, and woke me up to help. Three CBPD units arrived. I met them in the alley and gave them an account of what Cindy saw and a description of the man. In his 20’s, lite build wearing jeans and white striped shirt. The police combed the entire length of the alley to investigate any possible break-ins or tampering with garage doors or windows. They did not locate the man but the truck and trailer plates were run and it turned out to be stolen. The truck and trailer were towed away. A good reminder if you see something say something.

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