2018 Fairmount Park Neighborhood Garage Sale

Photos by Kyle Muschall

Anita Stocks (405 Glen Avenue) Greets the first customers of the day


Anita makes a quick sale to get the money rolling


Lorraine Duitsman (231 Park – styling with her sunglasses on the right) directs folks to items of interest


Nolan and Evelyn Duitsman get the entrepreneurial spirit and offer lemonade and tea for thirsty shoppers


Inside the Duitsman’s garage the crowd digs into what is up for sale


At Melissa Head’s (211 Park Avenue) a savy shopper eyes unique scarfs for sale


Michelle Mutchler-Burns at left (407 Glen Avenue) and Cindy Muschall lower right (332 Glen Avenue) share the menu offered at the Bake Sale stop


Michelle’s Macaw coyly sits atop his perch and voices a hearty good morning to folks passing by


A thirsty patron reviews her choice of beverages offered at the bake sale


Cindy closes the sale and adds more cash to the till


Michelle shares the story of her birds with shoppers. They were a big hit with everyone walking up and down the neighborhood


The smallest of the feathered trio. This little guy is a foster that Michelle is sponsoring as a member of the Greater Omaha Caged Bird Society


Sharon Babbitt (200 Park Avenue) and her daughter Patty button up the cash box as shoppers circle the tables. Their location has 100% shade all day which is ideal for a yard sale


A patron finds that golf bag he can’t do without and cracks open the wallet


Some clientele are more interested in their smart phones than the bargains before them


Toni Allen at right (166 Park Avenue) off loads her front porch onto her front lawn for easier access to everyone


Same savvy garage sale customers inspect the brick-a-brack table on Toni’s front lawn


Jon Garrigan at Right (433 Glen Avenue ) seals the deal on a toilet seat. All it took was pointing out that the bolts did in-fact come with the throne


Abbey Medeiros at far Right (150 Glen Avenue) chats with customers about the books for sale. The Medeiros family is using the funds raised from their garage sale for an adoption fund to expand their family.


The Medeiros had a bright array of kids toys and furniture on offer


A young shopper has a hard time deciding which scooter to go with


Yarden Medeiros (at Right) congratulates the kids for their classic toy picks. What is more fun that a big teddy bear


Bob Pashek (at left) and Bill Mann (at Right 151 Park Avenue) are a big draw with their Antique sale


Bill straightens out a row of reed woven chairs they re-furbished themselves


A set of wooden bowls and a 1920’s glamour shot go quickly at Bill and Bob’s location


A hope chest finds new owners as Bill and Bob make more room in their carriage house. Our 2018 Neighborhood Garage Sale had great weather and a good turn out. Thanks to everyone who participated.