Flower Planting in Downtown CB – Volunteers Needed

The Design Committee for the Downtown Flower Project will begin our flower planting in the downtown area on this Saturday at 10 AM. We will have a flatbed trailer with mulch and flowers, also a truck with a watering tank.
Sherbondy’s is selling us “Wave Petunias” at a discount. Larry Foster (Parks Dept) has indicated that the City may be able to provide us some planting materials as well but I do not know the quantities or types yet. I will bring as many shovels and implements as possible, gloves, and bottled water.
We will probably not get it all done but will do what we can do for the day. If those interested will perhaps recruit helpers and bring more tools let me know who might be coming, that would be appreciated.
Feel free to contact me via email or my cell at 402 679 9882. If I am at work I may have to call you back, but leave me a message. Suggestions are very much appreciated. Nate Watson

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