Alert: Home Security Scam

This alert was sent by the Gibraltar Neighborhood Association. We wanted to get the word out to the FPNA as well:
A person in our neighborhood (GNA) called to report an encounter with a young blonde-haired man named Sean. Seems Sean is interested in increasing his business profits, through contact with various neighborhood and homeowner association residents and neighborhoods with neighborhood watch, and marketing his home security services. He references “current issues in the neighborhood” to promote homeowner interest in security.According to  it is a pyramid scheme where they put a security sign in your yard, provide the security free, but require that you not tell neighbors its free and try to get them interested. The companies change..could be ADT or Pinacle. Cathy apparently encountered Sean as well but sent him on his way before she got the above information. Thanks to Kat Dunham and Jeff Ketcham for reaching out with information.

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