One of our Neighbors needs a Helping Hand

Rick and Sarah Shivley (406 Glen Avenue) were both injured in a car accident in Missouri on 7/14. Rick sustained a concussion and broken toes. Sarah has a shattered ankle. They will have surgery Tuesday 7/24 and if all goes well can travel back to Council Bluffs Thursday evening or Friday morning. Neither will be able to drive when they get back. Sarah was only released to eat solid food last Friday.

Many of you have been asking how you can help out the Shivley Household, so I created a CaringBridge SupportPlanner. It is a calendar that helps family and friends coordinate care and organize helpful tasks, such as bringing a meal, taking care of pets and other needs. We are utilizing it to provide meals to the Shively family as they recover from their injuries.
Please CLICK HERE to access the Caring Bridge Site. If you do not already have a CaringBridge account you will be asked to provide your email and create a password to create an account. This helps with organizing and contacting the volunteers. It only takes a minute.

Once your account is created you can then enter the “shivelymealsupportplanner” and click on the calendar link on the left hand side. I’ve set up tasks from 7/27 to 8/17 to provide a single meal to the Shively household. If you hover or click on any of the entries you will be asked to accept the task. If you accept you can fill out the details and save the task. This way they aren’t overloaded with meals at the beginning. Folks can see what days have already been fulfilled pick an open day and plan accordingly.

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