Historic Preservation Loan Program

The Historic Preservation loan program is designed to assist eligible homeowners located in specific target areas in and around the downtown area to make repairs to their property. This program is in conjunction with the Housing Rehab Program. Eligible repairs include exterior improvements (such as gutters, roofing, painting, siding, retaining walls, concrete work and window replacement) and interior improvements (such as electrical, plumbing and mechanical system updates). The architectural integrity of the homes assisted through this program shall be preserved. The program is operated on a first come, first served basis until all funds are expended or committed.

Eligibility is based upon the number of persons in the household and the yearly income of everyone living in the household. Properties which have received funds under the City’s rehabilitation or ownership programs are not eligible to receive assistance for 20 years. All properties assisted through the Historic Preservation Loan Program shall remain as single-family, no conversions to multi-family use will be allowed. Rental properties and homes purchased on a land sales contract are not eligible. The CD Forbearance Loan, CD Forgivable Loan and CD Principal Only Loans are all loans available through the current Housing Rehab Program. For more information contact the Community Development Department at (712) 328-4629.

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