2013 Fairmount Park Banner Identification Pole Installation

Photos by Kyle Muschall

Dave Huggins and Kyle Muschall boring the footing holes


Widening the footing holes while the “Boss” supervises


Poles loaded and ready to go


The finished concrete footing


Mike Ring and Dave backfilling the footing. Linda Ring helping out


Dave removing the access panel


Mike, Dave and Kyle deciding on approach


Mike, Dave and Kyle maneuvering pole onto footing


Dave and Kyle securing pole to footing


Kyle attaching banner arm while Mike steadies ladder. Dave tightening pole to footing bolts


Kyle sliding banner over arms


Banner pole with flower basket hook


Sharon Babbitt arrives to “Supervise” while everyone takes a moment to inspect the progress


Dave mugging for the camera


Mike backfilling footing at the second location of Glen and High School Avenues


Dave and Mike clearing the footing of debris


Mike and Dave getting ready to hang flower basket at Huntington Avenue


FPNA Banner Identification pole with Flower basket


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