FPNA Banner Pole Installation Phase One Complete

The installation of the FPNA identification banner poles has been a long-term goal of ours that is starting to come to fruition.

Back in 2009 we participated in a design Charette with the Iowa Architecture Foundation (IAF). While there were many good ideas from the IAF the banner/pole/flower basket seemed to catch everyone’s attention and that is what we chose to focus on.

It has taken a few years to reach this point. We first needed to build up our treasury while still undertaking other improvement and beautification projects around the neighborhood. We remained frugal because we always knew what the end goal needed to be.

We are now seeing the first phases of this project complete. We have poles/banners and baskets installed at the entrances to our neighborhood that will help strengthen a sense of belonging and empower neighbors to actively participate in the neighborhood and the community.

I first want to thank the organizations that, without their assistance, this would not have been possible. We received grants from The Pottawattomie County Community Foundation (PCCF) and from CURB (Creating the Ultimate Residential Beautification)

Both organizations were very gracious about the delays in manufacturing and the weather conditions that caused us to be behind schedule. The FPNA very much appreciates their continued commitment to helping organizations like ours achieve the goals we set for ourselves, our neighborhood and our community.

I want to thank the grant writer – Sharon Babbitt, who poured over the applications and helped communicate our intent in the best possible terms.

To the installation crew, Dave Huggins and Mike Ring and myself who dug, poured concrete, set anchor bolts, got muddy, got drenched but persevered to make it happen.

To Michelle Mutchler-Burns, who will be the care taker of the flower baskets so that they continue to inspire and impress all who visit our neighborhood.

This is only the first phase, we have more installation locations planned so the hard work isn’t quite done. But now that we kinda know what we are doing it might not be so painful. Thanks again to everyone who has participated over the years on this project.

For photos from the installation “CLICK HERE”.

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