2013 Kirn Park Renovation Rally

Photos by Kyle Muschall




Larry Foster, head of C.B. Parks Dept. shares Kirn Park Renovation Plans


Jerry Mathiasen, senior vice president at the IWF, speaks about how Kirn Park renovation will help strengthen the community


C.B. Mayor Tom Hanafan speaks on all the groups that have worked on the project over the last few years


Nate Watson, C.B. City Council and FPNA Board member, reminds everyone that without the persistence of the FPNA and GNA the Kirn Project would not have seen fruition



Mayor Tom Hanafan and Skyler Beck from the Parks Dept. prepare the safety equipment


Skyler Beck takes the inaugural swing at the Old Shower building scheduled to be demolished


Kyle Muschall, FPNA president, gives it a go at the smiley face


Paulette Brandt, GNA president, takes a swing


Grace Garrigan musters a strike on the cinder block


Matthew Burns gives it his all






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