Kirn Park Renovation Rally Smashing Success

The Kirn Park Renovation Rally was a smashing success, figuratively and literally. We had a great turn out by both the FPNA and GNA neighborhoods. I want to take a moment to thank the GNA for overseeing the catering of the event from getting the grant money to buying the supplies and to doing the cooking. Heck, all I had to do was show up and swing a hammer, not bad for a Saturday afternoon.
Larry Foster, head of the C.B. Parks Department, has been instrumental in not losing focus on the Kirn Park improvements. While our associations have been there to “gently” remind him it has been Larry’s commitment that has seen the project move forward with demolition set to begin in July. He related what Kirn Park means to him personally and his recollections when he first visited the park many years ago as the newly appointed head to the C.B. Parks Department.
I also want to recognize Skyler Beck from the Parks department who we’ve worked with directly to help organize and promote the event. It was his idea to have everyone take a swing at the old shower building that is set to be demolished. What a great way to kick off the renovation.
Mayor Tom Hanafan spoke about all the people who’ve worked on the improvement project these past few years and even though it was delayed because of the 2011 floods the vision for the park was never lost. The Mayor’s personal memories of Kirn Park intimated about a stunning T.J. victory over A.L. in football that played out on the field many years ago. He claims to have proof and I guess we’ll leave it at that.
Jerry Mathiasen, senior vice president at the IWF, conveyed that “….neighborhood transformation is a top priority for the foundation and this project fits right into that type of priority,” He also added that “This will have a real positive impact on the community.”
Nate Watson, City Council member and FPNA board member rounded out the list of speakers by emphasizing “even with strong city backing and assistance from the IWF, without the persistence of the neighborhood associations and their members, the project would have never came to fruition”.
The architecture plans from HGM are stunning. They call for a new concrete driveway and parking lot that allows for better traffic flow and more stalls instead of the free for all that exists today. A high curb and PVC (faux) wrought iron fence will separate the track from cars. Also included is an Art Deco steel enclosure for portable restrooms and an improved athletic field and track with updated landscaping and irrigation.
I want to thank all who attended the event it was great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. For photos from the event “CLICK HERE”. For the Nonpareil article by Chad Nation “CLICK HERE”

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