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Neighborhood Watchers

Tomorrow night is Halloween and your neighborhoods will be visited by Ironman, Superman, Hello Kitty’s, Batman and Disney Princesses and many other costume characters. They will be looking for the treats that you will be handing out.

Let’s try to make sure that all the little ghouls and goblins have a safe and happy evening.
Drive a little slower in the neighborhoods; keep an eye out for kids coming out from between cars. Remember these kids are very excited and may not remember their safety rules, so this maybe a good night not to be using a cell phone to cut down on the distractions inside your car.

Make sure that your yard is clear of obstacles such as ladders, hoses, things that young ones can trip and fall on. Use the battery powered candles to light up the pumpkins much safer than real candles
Remember if you want kids to come to your house check to make sure the outside light works and that they are turned on.

For Parents

Parents should always try to accompanied their children
Go over safety rules about strangers, rides, crossing street with your children.
Children should carry change so they can make a call phone if needed (or cell phone if old enough)
Make sure that the costume is made of a flame-retardant material, make sure costumes fit and don’t drag on the ground
Your children should know how to get ahold of just in case they need to.
You should know the area where your children are going
Although tamping is rare, tell children to bring the candy home so you can inspect it
Check the wrapping if anything looks suspect toss the candy out

For Kids
Carry a flashlight or light sticks or if you are younger you may want to go out before it gets too late. Obey traffic rules Stay on the sidewalks Walk don’t run don’t run in between parked cars or crisscross back and forth across the street
Stay in familiar neighborhoods; be respectful of other people’s property (no tricks)
Shoes should fit even if they don’t go with the costume (trip hazard)
You may want to use face make-up so you can see better mask can interfere with your vision
Carry only flexible knives or swords or other props
Wear clothes with reflective markings or tape to help drivers see you
Only stop at houses that are well-lighted Never go into the house unless you know the person

Have a safe one

Officer Mark G. Alba

PS report any acts of vandalism to 911 right away

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