2014 Fairmount Park Neighborhood Garage Sale

The FPNA 2014 Garage Sale started with good traffic. We had 9 locations in all with 15 participating households. The rain didn’t hold off for as long as we would have hoped but everyone said they had good sales up until 10:30 a.m. when the downpour really started. The weather is the one thing we can’t control unfortunately. The deluge lasted until just after 1:00 p.m. and those who willingly stuck it out reported that patrons returned and the afternoon was quite nice indeed with sales picking up toward the end. We all know there are those die hard Garage Sale-ers who won’t let a bargain pass them up. The Bake Sale at 407 Glen headed up by Michelle Mutchler-Burns also did a brisk business until the storm hit. Thanks to everyone who donated baked goods, beverages, ice, food boxes and coolers to the event. I hear the Krispy-Crème donuts were snatched up fast as folks were looking for that sugar rush to carry them to the various locations. All participants welcomed the chance to earn a little petty cash and off load some of those larger items that have been piling up in the basement, garage, hall-closet etc. CLICK HERE to view the photos of this event

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