Fairmount Park Neighborhood Pollination Garden

The FPNA presented our proposal for a pollination garden to be planted on the vacant city-owned lot at 409 Park Ave. to the City Council on April 25th. Our project was unanimously and enthusiastically approved. End of Phase 1.

Phase 2 of the project is about to begin, which is to order the wildflower seeds and get the ground tilled for planting. Our committee has its work cut out for it, but all volunteers are welcome and needed. There’s plenty of work for all, including planting, watering and weeding, so don’t be shy about adding your names to our list of volunteers!

Judging by the interest shown by the public at the City Council meeting, this is an idea that may catch fire in other areas as well. Again, we are the “urban pioneers” who get things done.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact Michelle Mutchler-Burns at Gopack8763@aol.com or Sharon Babbitt at sbabbitt2@cox.net

Sharon Babbitt
President, FPNA

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