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  1. Rebekah Felts


    Please spread the word. We are praying that the Medeiros family will do the right thing. We are devastated and have been unable to speak to our grandson or see him for two months now. Please research our story this family was very misled and I’m praying that they will do the right thing once they do their research. He has a loving family that is grieving and missing for him his mother my daughter Dominique is very unstable and did this without anyone knowing she allowed me to buy Christmas presents for him she took our gifts are monetary donations all our help for the last two years we had no idea the last time we saw our grandson it would be the last. Her current boyfriend does not want children and we’re pretty sure he helped convince her to put out and up for adoption behind everyone’s back’s. I beg of you whoever is reading this in this community to help this family do the right thing. Pleading I. Prayer ~ Odin’s Mimi

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